Ahmad Suja'i (1993) finished his bachelor degree at communication in Muhammadiyah University, Cirebon. In the last 5 years, he involved in Jatiwangi art Factory, he became director of JAF TV, art and community television based in Jatiwangi. With his partner, he initiated Pantura Library (est. 2017) an alternative library and book club concerns on young people and local literacy. He participated on some art projects and residency; Village Video Festival 2017, and West Java West Yorkshire Cooperative Movement Residency Program in Leeds, UK 2019. His works range from audio-visual, experimental music, text, and digital. On 2020 he start a music project Andthisway, cultivate prodigious local melodic from the coast merge into the new enamour beats. Since January 2021, Ahmad is undergoing duties as a director of Jatiwangi art Factory

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